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The Protein Pacing Diet by Dr. Paul Arciero, the world's leading nutrition, applied physiology scientist and keynote speaker.

The Complete Guide to Eating the Right Type, Amount, and Timing of Protein to Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, Increase Energy and Boost Mood!

Health & Fitness Speaker

Dr. Paul Arciero is a dynamic keynote presenter, author, and fellow of three of the leading health organizations in the world; the American College of Sports Medicine, The Obesity Society and the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

New Science of Nutrition

He serves as a scientific advisory board member to nutrition, fitness, health and wellness industries and is the leading expert in nutrition and fitness lifestyle interventions to optimize health, physical, and heighten cognitive performance.

Peak Performance Expert

Dr. Paul consults with olympic athletes and top corporations; his works are cited in the American Heart Association, Science Daily, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, WebMD, TIME, Women's Health, Men’s Fitness, and Men’s Health.

Dr. Paul Arciero Author, Speaker, Performance Expert, & World Renowned Scientist

Dr. Paul Arciero is author of The Protein Pacing Diet and has published more than 58 peer-reviewed research studies on performance nutrition and exercise training in the world’s most respected science journals; his research is extensively funded by leading government agencies, philanthropic organizations and nutrition companies. He has trained hundreds of thousands of people with live audiences as large as 30,000 people and has been invited to speak at more than 200 conferences around the world.

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Our Testimonials

"After meeting Dr. Paul Arciero, I knew I had to be a part of his mentoring to have the benefit of learning the many topics of Exercise Science and Nutrition from him. He was without question the most thorough person from whom I have ever learned. His enthusiasm for imparting knowledge, his guidance and charisma, and his love for his profession are second to none."

World Power Lifting Champion Lee Zimmerman

""Dr. Paul Arciero was a presenter at a teen Girl Scout Camp held at the Silver Bay Association in upstate New York. We were all pleasantly surprised by the girls’ interest in the Optimal Nutrition Learning Seminar and their follow-through by putting what they learned into action. Dr. Paul’s scheduled 30 minute presentation extended to almost two hours because of the ensuing discussion, suggestions, and high interest among the girls! It was wonderful to see the change in the girls’ perspectives and watch them grow in ability and determination during these sessions""

Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York, Inc.

"Personally, and on behalf of the National High School Athletic Coaches Association, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you for your role in making the 2002 NHSACA tennis clinic such a success. Your enthusiasm and expertise greatly enhanced the effectiveness of your presentation. Everyone in attendance gained new insight into the role that proper nutrition and high intensity training plays in competitive tennis. Your on-court demonstrations, while exhausting to watch, were outstanding."

NHSACA National Tennis Chairman

"Dr. Paul Arciero has provided our rowing organization numerous levels of instruction in his PRISE Protocol of resistance training, intervals, stretching/yoga, and endurance exercise along with Protein Pacing and the attributes of leading a healthy lifestyle. He has a unique ability to tailor his presentations to meet the needs and expectations of all age groups - from young novice rowers to seasoned adult veterans. I consider Dr. Paul's expertise and scope of knowledge in his field to be unparalleled. Our experience with Dr. Arciero has been without equal!"

Saratoga Rowing Association Bob Tarrant

"I had the pleasure of organizing and attending a keynote leadership workshop Dr. Paul Arciero led on the importance of proper nutrition and exercise using his PRISE Protocol for senior level business women. I was thrilled to learn much more than I thought I would! Dr. Paul had a terrific ability to engage all the professional women in the audience and bring practical solutions to everyday life of nutrition and exercise using his PRISE Protocol that in turn would enhance and facilitate our careers and work environment."

Womens’ President Organization

""Dr. Paul possesses the academic knowledge, professional research background, real-life experience, and entertainment value that is second to none. He has been and continues to serve as the true embodiment of someone who walks the walk. His unique ability to apply his personal research in nutrition and exercise using his PRISE Protocol with his intellectual fortitude and personal approach is impressive. Dr. Paul is the resource in the industry and he will unquestionably improve the health and wellbeing of anyone who has the opportunity to meet him.""

Florida State University
Integra Life
American Heart Association
Girl Scouts of America
Johnson & Johnson