The PRISE® Protocol – The New Science of Nutrition and Fitness

Despite an abundance of easily accessible information, most people still struggle to make sense of when, what and how to eat and exercise for optimal health and performance. This “information overload” has created confusion, frustration and an epidemic of inaction, leading to the opposite effect of what it was designed to prevent — physical inactivity, poor eating habits, stress, and disease. This presentation will provide attendees with easy-to-follow and scientifically proven lifestyle strategies to optimize health and performance using the evidence-based lifestyle program created by Dr. Paul Arciero called “PRISE®”, the acronym for Protein Pacing (P); Resistance (R); Interval (I); Stretching (S); and Endurance (E) fitness training combined with his proven mind/body techniques. Too often, nutrition, exercise, and mind/body guidelines are prescribed independently or in opposition to each other. Attendees will learn how to incorporate strategies in an easy-to-follow daily routine so they complement each other and work in synergy with lifestyle and fitness needs

PRISE® is easily customizable for disease prevention in the realm of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, inflammation and metabolic disease as well as specific diet and nutrition techniques, such as:

  • Paleo
    Learn to apply the PRISE® principles specific to the Paleo diet guidelines to maximize fat loss, lean muscle mass, blood sugar control, physical performance benefits
  • Ketogenic
    Augment the benefits of the ketogenic diet using PRISE® to enhance fat loss, manage weight control, improve cardiovascular health and fitness
  • Plant-based
    Incorporate the many health benefits of the Plant-based diet plan into the PRISE® Protocol to generate additional health and fitness gains
  • Mediterranean
    The combined proven science of the Mediterranean diet with the PRISE® Protocol makes this one of the world’s most effective lifestyle plans to optimize health and fitness
  • MIND Diet
    There is a growing emphasis and focus on nutritional strategies to enhance cognitive function across the age and health spectrum. The MINDSM diet and the PRISE® Protocol utilize the latest research to elevate cognitive function to an all-time high!

Exergaming Meets the PRISE® Protocol : The Science of Brain Health

Cognitive decline is a growing public health concern with a myriad of causes. The most common form is mild cognitive impairment (MCI) which often progresses to dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, with diagnoses approaching 1 million by 2050. Research suggests if the onset of dementia and cognitive decline could be delayed a few years the impact may be dramatic, reducing prevalence by 1 million cases after 10 years in the United States alone. Delaying progression of dementia for two years may reduce the incidence of disease by a whopping 18 million cases globally per year! To date, there is no cure for dementia, including conventional medical interventions. However, a growing body of scientific literature demonstrates the intrinsic value and benefit of specific forms of physical exercise combined with nutritional strategies to reduce the risk of dementia onset and even augment cognitive function and overall behavioral mood state. In this keynote presentation, Dr. Paul captures the audience with scientific research he has conducted and compiled from other leading scientists demonstrating the potential of combined physical activity and nutritional lifestyle intervention strategies to enhance brain function, mood state, overall health and physical performance.

The Mindset : Overcoming the Body’s Subconscious Programming

For many people the thought of beginning a new lifestyle of diet and exercise is daunting. Unfortunately, the greatest challenge is overcoming the “conditioned” subconscious response that has been a major part of our life story, and instead creating a mindset that is based on our innate ability to heal and transform our bodies — a capacity that’s been with us since birth. Most people fall victim to their subconscious programming and end up sabotaging any healthy lifestyle changes they try to implement. Dr. Paul teaches techniques to retrain your conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds to unlock the magic and potential within all of us to achieve optimal health. His fitness and cognitive techniques are based on 30 years of successful research studies, fitness coaching and client cases. He leads the audience through the science, philosophy, physiology, and finally the art of application in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and mind-body training to create an entirely new approach of optimal living.

Peak Fitness and Performance for Executive Women in the Workplace

Achieving leadership roles and staying at the top of a profession is never easy, often resulting in the sacrifice of health and relationships and leaving us exhausted and unable to navigate all aspects on the way to the top. True life balance has much to do with having the physical stamina and proper nutrition to fuel the myriad of activities required by the diverse responsibilities we owe to ourselves, our families and the strenuous demands of the workplace.

As we push to the top of our professional game, our health, families and relationships should reflect the success we’ve attained with our careers. Finding a way to make this doable for those with overriding time commitments is exactly what this program is designed to do in a manner that is practical and achievable for high-performing women in the workplace.

Dr. Paul Arciero has created scientifically proven lifestyle strategies using his PRISE® Protocol of supreme nutrition, fitness and mind-body techniques so women can thrive in leadership roles while bringing greater fulfillment to relationships and maintaining a higher level of satisfaction in all areas of life. This practical program is designed for women who find there is never enough time in the day to ‘do it all’ by offering realistic strategies, meal plans and exercise protocols that are both effective and geared for those with busy lifestyles.

Keep Your Eyes on the PRISE® to Conquer Obesity

Obesity rates in the US are at an all-time high for all segments the population. Among adults, obesity prevalence is 40% overall and is even higher for certain races such as Non-Hispanic blacks and Hispanics at 48%.  Sadly, one in five youth are considered obese (20% prevalence). The associated annual medical costs of obesity are in excess of $190 billion and this doesn’t include the $4.3 billion in work-related loss (absenteeism and lower productivity).

Unfortunately, our current Westernized lifestyles of a high fat, sugar and salt diet combined with low levels of physical activity are major reasons for the obesity epidemic. The good news is the PRISE® Protocol is a scientifically proven solution to conquer the obesity problem.  Dr. Paul Arciero, the creator and scientist behind the PRISE® Protocol, is an international renowned keynote speaker, best-selling author and consultant to the health and wellness industry. His mission as a change agent to revolutionize the way we eat and exercise at work and home utilizing his PRISE® Protocol is to reverse the obesity epidemic to lower the economic burden of obesity on the healthcare system, improve lives and increase productivity in the workforce.

Keep Your Eyes on the PRISE® to Defeat Diabetes

Currently more than 100 million Americans have diabetes (>30 million) or prediabetes (>80 million) that often lead to major health problems. Of the one-third of U.S. adults, or 1 in 4 adults with prediabetes, the vast majority have no idea they have the disease and therefore make little if any effort to properly manage the condition. The highest rates of diabetes are among American Indian (15%), non-Hispanic blacks (13%), and Hispanics (12%). The healthcare costs of diabetes are in excess of $325 billion annually.

Currently, medications are the primary first-line of defense to treat both diabetes and prediabetes. However, it’s well known that lifestyle factors are much more cost-effective in preventing and treating these conditions if properly administered. Dr. Paul Arciero has conducted firsthand scientific research documenting significant improvement in diabetes risk in people of all ages and health status using his PRISE® Lifestyle Protocol.